How It Works...

The concept of GURLS Ball is simple: we use a propriety mathematical algorithm to determine a steams rating based on results from previous game data.  We have found an answer to the age old question: simplified, if team A beats B, then B beats C, but C beat A who's the best.  We can now take those 3 team results form other tournaments and calculate them into a number to see who the stronger team is.

GURLS Ball uses our innovative rating system called GURLS (Girls Uniform Relative Linear Statistics ). The GURLS is a multiple linear relative model that allows teams the ability to move up and down through a strength index during the course of the season based upon a mathematical calculation that takes a number of factors into consideration.  No eye-test here, we are strictly by the numbers. The algorithm our team has compiled is the result of three years of calibration and testing.

How To Get Ranked

Tournament Directors

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