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Matrix Mathematics is an advanced algorithm designed to analyze the results of sports competitions to provide ratings for teams and players. Ratings, or power ratings, are numerical representations of competitive strength, often directly comparable so that the game outcome or abilities between any two teams or players can be predicted.  Our system provides an alternative to traditional sports standings based on win, loss, tie ratios, a perfect solution when head to head competition may not be an option.


Get your league, tournament series, or any competitive event seeded correctly and create a more competitive environment for your teams.  Our math can be used to properly seed your tournaments. Stop having the top two teams playing each other early on in your brackets and having blow out final games.


Our system can also be used to evaluate individuals in events with a uniform rating system, for example if Tim is the best shooter, Bill is the best rebounder, and Ron is your best dribbler, but all 3 are awful defender our math can be used to determine who may be the best overall player.  Perfect for rating camps or pre draft analyst.


We can also use your date to help determine your advantage against your opponents and which of your players is most effective against specific opponents.  About to head into the playoff against a team you lost to during the season, send up your stats and see where the math says your advantage may be hiding.

For the cost of less than 50 cents a game let our system help you get the right results backed by the power of 
mathematics.    Want to drive more social media interactions, use power rankings, and statistics to keep people interested in your page.  Everyone loves to see how they stack up against others and it helps drive competition, and that good for sports.

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