As the 2021 travel ball (AAU) season comes to an end, our team at GURLS Ball is thrilled to announce our new and innovative rankings for this past season. Building upon the last three years of research and development, GURLS Ball was launched with a goal; to provide an experience that player's want, coaches need, and fans crave - for all levels of girls basketball. 

We are currently working through a huge array of information from this past spring/summer and releasing rankings for the 2021 season. Our main motivation in doing so is simply to make sure we can hit the ground running in 2022.  Please bear with us as we work through the kinks of getting something this innovative into circulation.

Moving forward, GURLS Ball will be providing state of the art rankings and statistics for the 2022 travel ball season.  We will begin working with some of  the top event operators from across the country to provide a unique and intriguing experience for girls who love basketball.

GURLS Ball will include calculations based on every final score from these events, allowing us to record each program's season-long schedule and results for five class levels - 2030, 2029, 2028, 2027, and 2026.

The concept of GURLS Ball is simple: if your team plays in an event hosted by one of the event operators we will be collaborating with or one of the national level events we will be tracking, all games played will count towards your overall season long ranking.

GURLS Ball will be implementing our innovative rating system called GURLS (Girls Uniform Relative Linear Statistics ). The GURLS is a multiple linear relative model that allows teams the ability to move up and down through a strength index during the course of the season based upon a mathematical calculation that takes a number of factors into consideration.  No eye-test here, we are strictly by the numbers. The algorithm our team has compiled is the result of three years of calibration and testing.


The Future Of GURLS Basketball

GURLS Certified events will be hand picked events from the top girls basketball event operators, resulting in a super-list of the top independent events in the country. The GURLS Certified list will be announced shortly and will likely be around 40-50 total events.

National championship level events are any event operators that structure their event in a structured end of season super event designed to attract the top talent that participated in their events throughout the season.

We will also allow participating programs the opportunity to join GURLS and activate a fully-customized webpage, which will host rosters, schedules, statistics, social media, news, video, and be fully integrated with our ranking and stat systems.

Unlike in years past on girls travel level circuit,  GURLS will be allowing full boxscores for the certified event operators with partnered with thru the use of video footage for verification.  GURLS is currently attempting to find a  partnership with a live event broadcasting media company to provide all event participants with team statistical analysis. 

GURLS is also interviewing partners to assist in helping us host a  "World Championship" in July, as well as Girls All-American games for all age levels. All top ranked programs will receive an invitation to participate in the "World Championship" for all age groups on behalf of GURLS.

Stay tuned for more updates from GURLS Ball as the season unfolds, and make sure to give us a follow on Twitter , Instagram, and Facebook.


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